I wake up and feel like a new person.

I open my windows and feel like I still have the whole day to make mistakes.

I eat my breakfast calmly.

I take a shower were I think and make decisions.

I dress my favorite dress.

I drink my coffee and leave home.

I ride my bicycle the whole morning.

I have lunch.

I consider thoughts and possibilities by the sea.

I pass by the park to watch the leaves dancing.

I come back home.

I call the best friend and talk about life.

I turn on the lights because it's getting dark.

I listen to music because...

I eat a little something.

I think for the 100th time about paradise...

...with you.

I watch TV.

I read.

I sleep.

I dream.

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  1. I love this chapter!
    Aaawww... Adorei..., não, espera, AMEI!
    Está o máximo.