Sunshine on a rainy day...

Passing by this block on your motorcycle, and asking yourself if you saw well.

The ribbon rainbow

Gives the impression that when you look from far away is different than when you look for near by. 

Holidays in Thai, the movement and detail people don't notice.

to surat tani

catch it with your feet


the yummy restaurant

the internet café

playing on the beach zoom in

playing on the beach zoom out

the kids

Perfumes are the feelings of flowers. -Heinrich Heine

I crossed the pavement and sat on my bike, I thought it was strange but I had to adapt to my change of century. I rode it all the way to the flower store and bought magnolias on a glass container. When back home I put the container beside the kitchen window, I baked cookies and arranged a dish with the cookies, the magnolias and glass marbles. The cookies looked so good that I ended not eating them.